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The Believeland Beat 

About The Believeland Beat 

Cleveland baseball fans have endured a lot through the years. Ups and downs. Triumphs and heartbreaks. Good times and bad times. Changes for the better and the worse. Such as.... 


The tragic boat accident of 1993. The magical season of 1995. Albert Belle leaving town. The Mesa meltdown in Game 7 of the 1997 World Series. The Boston massacre in the 1999 playoffs. The epic 12-run comeback against the Mariners in 2001.


Jim Thome leaving town. The stop sign in Game 7 of the 2007 ALCS. The rain delay in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. The 22 game winning streak. Chief Wahoo being removed and the much disputed name change from the Indians to the Guardians.


Throughout it all, we've rallied and stuck by our beloved team despite now owning the longest remained championship drought in professional sports; which as of 2023 has reached three-fourths of a century long.


The Believeland Beat seeks to capture the past, present, and future of the franchise from a devoted fan's perspective. Here's a quick look at what to expect with these blog posts which will be posted every Wednesday.


A Look Back at the Past


Here I'll revisit the past from the 90's up through the early 2020's from what I experienced growing up as a fan of the Cleveland Indians living in Northeast Ohio. Part journalist, part memoir I'll explore the lessons, hardships, struggles, and joys this franchise has brought us over the past 30 plus years.


On occasion I'll also dig deeper into the franchise's storied history of which was before my time in bridging the gap between the past to the present day.


What's Happening in the Present


Here's where I'll provide thoughts, comments, and analysis on the current state of the Cleveland Guardians. Providing my thoughts on the roster makeup, the struggles and successes of the team, and my opinion about the recent events what have occurred on the field.

Previewing What's Ahead in the Future


What do we have to look forward to with the franchise looking ahead? Who are some prospects that are up and coming in the farm system? How does the outlook of the Cleveland Guardians appear to be moving forward given the current circumstances?


With these blog articles I'll provide a journalist approach in researching and providing answers to what Cleveland baseball fans are eager to know about their baseball team toward the immediate and long-term future.


The Heartbeat of Cleveland Baseball


As you probably are aware by now, this past off-season, beloved die-hard Indians fan John Adams passed away from his battle with cancer.


For over 45 years and thousands of home games he banged his drum providing a constant rally cry and essentially was the heartbeat of the franchise.


He embodied what I aspire to exhibit with these blog posts about Cleveland baseball. A hopeful, devoted look at the ballclub which seeks to honor the legacy Adams left.


Fully embracing how Cleveland has truly earned its title as "Believeland" in which hope springs eternal each new spring. Holding on to the hope that this is the year in which we'll finally see our dreams realized. To behold and see with our own eyes a World Series title arriving to the shores of Lake Erie despite the always incredibly stacked odds against us. Because it truly is Cleveland against the world!


These are our stories. Stories of tragedy, longing, redemption, and hope. This is our city. A city full of loyal, dedicated fans towards their ballclub. This is our team. A team we love win or lose. For together united as one---we are The Believeland Beat.

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